Improving organisational performance (5IVP)






LO1: Understand the concept of high performance working (HPW) and its contribution to creating and sustaining a high-performance work organisation (HPWO).

1.1 Analyse the concept and components

of HPW.


Need to research about high performance working

HPW components:

Employee engagement.





1.2 Evaluate the link between HPW and

sustainable organisation performance,

employee well-being and competitive



Competitive advantage:

Competing on Cost.

Competing on skills.

Cultural change.

Global markets and workforce.

1.3 Identify the barriers to HPW.



Lack of clarity.

Middle managers may not be good leaders.

Is HR integrated to the business into the business or is it isolated.


LO2: Understand the contribution of performance management to high levels of performance and the role of line managers in the process

2.1 Describe the main stages of the

Performance management cycle and the role of development and performance reviews.



2.2 Describe the most appropriate ways to

Involve line managers in the performance review process.



2.3 Evaluate the contribution of the performance management process to promoting challenges, capability or recognising and rewarding talent.



LO3: Know how to create and sustain a community of practice to build a high-performance culture

3.1 Explain ways of building trust, enthusiasm and commitment in support of a high-performance culture.


Managers role: coaching/ continuous assessment/ communication/Developing future standards.

Employee role: Engaged in the process / develop skills and capability/ open and transparent.


High involvement practices:

Internal staff surveys.

Staff association.

Cross function teams.

Provide employee with a copy of the business plan.

As HR we think of developing:

Annual appraisal.

Continuous skill development programmes.

Workforce diversity for competitive edge.


Training to perform multiple jobs.


Common reward practices are:

Performance pay for some employees.

Profit sharing for some employees.

Job rotation.

Family friendly policies.

Non pay benefits( e,g, free meals, gifts or health packages.

Flexible working.


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