Since the end of World War II promoting human rights has been a central objective of many governments, IOs and NGOs in the world. This interest in human rights has given rise to a number of different approaches to promoting human rights. Two of the most important of these approaches are the UN human rights treaty system and the International Criminal Court (ICC). Both illustrate the tensions and difficulties associated with protecting individual rights in a world of sovereign states, albeit in different ways. Contrast the approach to promoting human rights represented by the UN human rights treaty system with the approach of the ICC. In your answer be sure you (1) discuss how each of these two regimes tries to promote human rights, detailing its basic organizational structure and how it seeks to shape state behavior. (2) Then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. (3) Finally, discuss which approach you believe best navigates the tensions between global governance and state sovereignty in the promotion of human rights and why. 1000 words (please use 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and double spacing). Your answer should rely only on the readings assigned in the course. Do not do outside research for this essay or bring in outside sources, but you may (and are encouraged to) consult and quote any of the sources (readings and lectures) we have used in the course so far (though please avoid directly quoting the lectures).

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