IM and Leadership

PowerPoint 8-10 Slides

Your firm will expand
internationally this year and will include in its management team those from
the cultures and regions into which it expands. You must prepare the management
team to adapt and change the American management training to fit those of other
cultures. Put together a slide presentation for the management team, explaining
the impact that local cultures of attendees (Chinese and Argentinean culture)
will have on their acceptance and adaptation of the managerial training
concepts. Include in your presentation areas such as autocratic versus
participatory style of leadership, delegation, acceptance gained as the leader,
motivation of employees, employee rewards, and role of the leader.

Remember that a slide
presentation must include the presenter’s name on the first slide, and the
reference section on the last slide. The slide must include a few bullet
points, and the notes detail each point mentioned in the slide. In text
referencing should be in the notes.

Employment law

imagine you are a Human Resource manager for a large firm and that one of your employees has suffered a temporary disability. Answer the following questions:

laws apply to temporary disability at the workplace?Under
what general circumstances is the employee entitled to benefits?What
are those benefits and who administers them?

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