immigrant children and youth in the child welfare system

Immigrant Children and Youth in the Child Welfare System
Research Format

Introduce topic : Give background, an anecdote, or the status quo
What is the Debate/ Conversation/ Perspectives surrounding the issue?
Major Claim – Thesis statement
Body paragraph Outline (# of body paragraphs depends on assigned essay length)
Counterargument-and Rebuttal Paragraph
Conclusion Paragraph : Restate thesis and major reason(s)
References – Separate Page
If Applicable, followed by reference (footnotes/ tables/figures)

Sub-claim = Points you want to make = Reason(s) that helps prove your thesis.

Explain/ Elaborate/ Commentary
Concluding Sentence/ Transition to next point (connect back to thesis)

Answer why is this topic important to think about?

E.g. Last Name, F.M. (Year). Article Title. Journal Title, Pages From – To.
Last Name, F.M. (Year). Book Title. City Name: Publisher Name
This paper must be written in Microsoft Word (no exceptions)
This paper must follow APA format
This paper must be double spaced, 11” font, 1” margins all around
May use references/resources submitted in addition to text.
Citation (Last name, Year)
Give me your best writing because I need to score an A
Need 8 pages (does not include cover and references pages)
Absolutely, NO PLAGARISM

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