Immunoprecipation of TROVE2 proteins from human cell line protein extracts

Immunoprecipation of TROVE2 proteins from human cell line protein extracts



The report should be formatted as if it were to be submitted to the Journal Cell. The highlights/abstract, Introduction, Results and Discussion sections will be graded. . Word count must be presented at the beginning of the main report



  • Knowledge and Comprehension (Subject Expertise): The report delivers sufficient information to enable a scientist, who is not an expert in the specific researched topic area, to attain accurate knowledge and comprehension of the researched topic and the paper’s key findings
  • Analysis, Evaluation and Synthesis (Critical thinking): The report demonstrates masters-level  critical thinking with original consistent and logical linking of information, concepts and ideas and appropriate use of fully processed data, figures, tables and/or graphs, with titles, legends/footnotes that convey both relevance and understanding.
  • Application and Presentation (Transferable skills):



Highlights Highlights (4 maximum bullet point) and In Brief sections (of no more than 4 sentences) (100 words).

Abstract (summary) 150 words



Approximately 500 words

The introduction must cover what has been previously published in the literature about the research topic. It should also give background information on the experimental procedures being used and a brief overview of the overall experimental plan. It should not contain any actual results from the experiment to be performed. Introductions MUST be sufficiently and correctly referenced with relevant primary literature/reviews from peer reviewed scientific journals.


This report introduction must ‘introduce’ 2 main areas

  1. The applications of immunoassays in biomarker research
  2. Overview of Immunoprecipitation and western blot for detection of proteins

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