, you will be required to complete a 4th quarter term paper. Your paper should illustrate how American history has affected modern society.  However, all topics and your essential (BIG) essay question(s) must be approved before you begin this research paper. You will only have one class period to work on this paper, so the majority of the work is to be done outside of class. Paper Guidelines • TOPIC o Pick a topic that interests you [see third page for suggested issues and events] o Think about topics with social, political or cultural relevance o Select a topic from the 20th or 21st centuries o Your paper must be thesis-driven; that is, your paper should not attempt to be a biography or a narrative of a historical event • You must not have selected this topic for any other class or project prior to this. In other words, you cannot use a paper you have already written for another class. That would be plagiarism. • Your paper must meet the MLA requirements, which include: o 5-7 pages typed, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font o All margins one inch. o Your final paper must include a complete bibliography and internal citations in proper MLA format. ▪ Plagiarism: As you know, plagiarism is a serious offense. It is intellectual theft. You must cite the source of ANY IDEA that is not your own, even if you paraphrase it. • List of Selected Sources o As you conduct research, list all sources you consulted utilizing MLA format – a Selected Sources page. These are all sources you look at and consult, not necessarily use in your final paper! o Your final paper must list a minimum of five (5) sources, two of which must be a primary sources o No reference books or encyclopedias may be used. [Online or hard copy] ▪ For example, is not an acceptable source for this paper ▪ All sources must be published. You cannot use an essay or article acquired through Google that has not been published. ▪ Blogs do not count Additional Assignments In addition to the final paper, there will be several preparatory assignments which are required and will be considered as part of your grades. Please ensure you follow the deadline schedule [see next page] to avoid penalties. Assignments include: • Topic Selection and “Big” Essential Essay Question(s) to be addressed • Outline, including a working Bibliography

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