5. A detailed study of Americans’ religious beliefs and practices by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life revealed that religion is quite important in an individual’s life (The Boston Globe, June 24, 2008). The second column of the accompanying table reports the proportion of Americans who feel a certain way about religion. The study also concludes that Massachusetts residents are the least likely to say that they are religious. In order to test this claim, assume 400 randomly selected Massachusetts residents are asked about the importance of religion in their lives. The results of this survey are shown in the last column of the accompanying table.


In a report, use the sample information to

a.   Determine whether Massachusetts residents’ religious beliefs differ from those based on the United States at the 5% significance level.

b.   Discuss whether you would expect to find the same conclusions if you conducted a similar test for the state of Utah or states in the Southern Belt of the United States.

Impedance of Religion U.S. Results Responses of Massachusetts Residents Very.r important (15% 160Somewhat important I125 140N01 too important {115 96Don’t know I102 4