Implementing Chaos and Change Theory

According to Chaos Theory, a very small change can later make a big difference in an organization, both positive and negative. According to Lewinâ€s Planned Change Theory, when the three phases of Lewinâ€s process for change are used correctly, effective change is implemented. Kotter expanded upon Lewinâ€s theory to devise an 8-step model for implementing change.

Describe a problem situation at your institution where a very small change later made a negative impact and how understanding Chaos Theory could have benefited your organization?
Choose Lewinâ€s Planned Change Theory or Kotterâ€s 8-Stage Planned Change Model and briefly describe how you would implement each step for planned change to better address the problem situation you described above.

Responses need to address all components of the question, demonstrate critical thinking and analysis and include peer-reviewed journal evidence to support the studentâ€s position.
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.
Please review the rubric to ensure that your response meets the criteria.

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