Read the Case Study, Nurse Manager Power in Grohar-Murray & Langan (2011), Chapter 6. Put yourself in the position of this nurse managerâ€s supervisor. Consider how you would mentor Mrs. Jackson to improve her management style.
In a 3-4 page paper, list and explain the following:

the types of power used
detrimental behaviors identified in the case
the consequences of strong negative leadership
behaviors that contribute to optimal team functioning
specific actions for the supervisor to employ with Mrs. Jackson while mentoring her.
observations that should be used to monitor Mrs. Jacksonâ€s performance

Format your paper in APA style including references. Title page and references are not included in the 3-4 page range. Include your textbook and a minimum of two scholarly references from peer reviewed professional literature to support your views. Use the Assignment 1 Rubric below to help you complete the assignment.

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