In a 4- to 5-page paper written in APA format, analyze and

In a 4- to 5-page paper written in APA format, analyze and evaluate the data collection tools and processes you collected during this Module (mixed method research proposal) on how ethics and morality play in today’s politics. Be sure to include the following information: Your research questions (What degree do religious doctrines, moral teachings, and rituals proceed to impact citizens ethical judgment, decision making in politics, laws and policy implementation, and to what level such effects both fluctuating with for a nonreligious environment?)An explanation of the data collection and analysis processes you used, with your choices explainedSamples from your tools and the data processing you usedResults and some interpretations of your data analysis— these will be extremely limited due to the small number of participantsChallenges or surprises that arose during the data collection and analysis processesYour reflections on how and why things worked or did not work, and your next stepsA reflection on how this assignment informed your plans for your proposalAn explanation of how you may alter your questions or protocols based on your resultsAmendments you plan to make in your data collection and analysis processes based on your experiencesCitations and references for the supporting literature and resources you use in your explanationsA draft IRB practice pieces file (found below) as an appendix item. See IRB practice below; Institutional Review Board for Ethical Standards in Research The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for ensuring that all Makola University research complies with the school ethical standards as well as U.S. federal regulations. IRB approval is required before collection of any data, including pilot data. Makola University does not accept responsibility for research conducted without the IRB’s approval, and the university will not grant credit for student work that failed to comply with the policies and procedures related to ethical standards in research. The IRB application should be completed by all students and faculty members who are conducting research projects of any scope involving collection or analysis of data. The only categories of research that do not need to be submitted for IRB approval are literature reviews, hypothetical research designs, and faculty projects that are completely independent of Makola resources, participants, and funding. IRB approval for course-based research projects should be obtained by the faculty member who designs the course.

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