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..make sure you answer ALL the questions.When in doubt, cite your source .here are 12 Short Answer questions. With these, I want you to identify what the person, place or thing is that is listed, and also the SIGNIFICANCE of it. In other words, why it is important! There are also 2 Essay questions(13 and 14). Answer these as completely as possible, using evidence to back up your assertions. And answer all parts!

use the book (Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past

Bentley, 6e)

1.John Locke

2.Elizabeth Cady Staton

3.Johann Gottfried von Herder


5.Robert Owen

6.Wounded Knee

7.Francisco (Pancho) Villa

8.Mahmud II

9.Taiping Rebellion


11.Frederick D. Lugard

12.Panama Canal

13., we have looked at World History between (rough dates) 1700-1900. We have looked at many different topics and many different societies. Can you think of an overall theme which unifies all of these topics and socieities? Now is your chance to play historian and to draw a unique conclusion about this time period!

Hint: There is no right answer…but the wrong answer is one that does not use evidence from our class to suppourt it!

14.Describe Imperialism in the 1800s and early 1900s. What was the legacy of this Imperialism? How do you think America taking on a more Imperialistic policy around 1900 has shaped our lives today?

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