Assigned in Lesson 4: PACK 2 In the Manner of I asked you to take notes on artists you found interesting. For this Discussion Board you’ll be sharing some information about your chosen artist and a selection of their work. There are three parts to this activity – An Introduction, a discussion on form and a discussion of concept. Part One Part one begins with you choosing an artist and a single example of their artwork from the CONTEMPORARY ART section of this pack. The artist must be one we’ve discussed in this pack, but the work can be anything they’ve done, whether discussed or not. (Note: Be careful to select a work attributed to the artist and not an image done by someone else “in-the-manner-of” that artist.) Example of “in-the-manner-of”. Chuck Close Not Chuck Close MAKE IT A DOUBLE!! – If you dig a bit deeper and find an artwork we haven’t seen in the lesson you can get double points. * *Double points are earned if all three parts are answered completely and correctly. The artwork can be found on the artist’s website or through independent searches. Complete the following for Part One: 1. Artist Name: (first and last name) 2. Country of origin and dates of birth and death: (dates for artists still living should be noted with the word “present.” Example: 1970-present) 3. Artwork chosen: (provide the title, the year created and media. Example: Boy with Apple, 2014, oil on canvas.) 4. Art movement the work is associated with: (note: some artists have lived and worked over the course of several movements – name the movement associated with the chosen work.) 5. End Part One by briefly discussing what you like about the artist’s work: (There’s no wrong answer here but it should be more than just “I liked it because it looked cool.” It’s OK to start there, but be sure to provide more insight into how you connected with the work – formally, emotionally, historically, conceptually, etc.) Part Two Begin Part Two by inserting the image into paper (Reminder: The artwork does not have to be from the lesson.) 1. Then, using terms and techniques covered during this course, provide answers to the following FORMAL questions (what the art looks like): 2. What is the medium used to create the work? Example: Is it paint? If so what paint? Oil, acrylic, etc… 3. What are the characteristics of the medium used? Example: Is it sculpture? If so, is it relief or in the round? (How is Art Made) 4. How did the medium enhance the work? Example: The use of steel allowed the work to be monumental in scale. Complete Part Two with an analysis of the different ways the artist has used the visual elements such as color, contrast, balance, directional forces, etc… to create the form of the artwork. How do these elements help the viewer understand the work? Example: Because the work was an installation, the viewer was able to experience every detail as they walked through the gallery. OR The artist’s use of the color red gives an overall feeling of anger and aggression.

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