I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

Task 1/Reading: Re-Read the text “Representing Others’ Ideas through Summary.”

Task 2/Reading and Annotating: Read and annotate “How Does Religion Affect Happiness Around the World?” by Jill Suttie.

Task 3/Composing to Learn: Take some notes from the article that will help you write a summary.

Task 4/Composing to Communicate: Write three separate summaries. First, write a summary of Jill Suttie’s article in one sentence. Next, write a summary that’s one short paragraph (about 3-5 sentences). Next, write a summary that’s closer to a page (around 250 words). Upload the paper to Canvas.

Make sure that you do the following in each summary: a) include only the main points in your summary, b) write and punctuate the title correctly, c) identify the author, d) identify where and when the text was published and e) write only one work cited page entry