income statement tools and ratios

Prepare a horizontal and a vertical analysis of the income statement for Zoetis for the year ended December 31, 2017 in Excel.
You should use the same excel file that you created for the balance sheet tools for Week 1, and add tabs for the income statement horizontal and vertical analysis. Your Excel file should contain a tab for the horizontal income statement analysis (labeled “Horizontal IS”) and a separate tab for the vertical income statement analysis (labeled “Vertical IS”). *I have already added the labels to week 1 spreadsheet for the income statement.
In addition, prepare the ratio calculations for the ratios and provided in your illustrations. Include your ratio calculations in the same spreadsheet. You should provide two years of balance sheet ratio calculations and three years of income statement ratio calculations. Also, provide comparisons using the industry norms/medians, but do not include comparisons to competitors.
When you are ready to locate the “industry” comparison information for your analysis you should utilize the Hoover’s data base that is accessed through the Union University (Jackson, TN) library website.
When you access Hoovers, the first choice you will make is at the top left labeled “Build a Company List.” You will see the “Search for a Company” option, and you should enter Zoetis. Zoetis should appear at the top of the list. Select Zoetis and it will take you to a page with Zoetis’ financial information. You will find the “Key Ratios” at the bottom of the page under “Financial Summary.” There are two columns. The column on the left titled “Company” is the Zoetis information, and the column on the right is the “Industry” comparison information.
Before uploading your Excel file, I would encourage you to perform a quality check. Please approach your final review as if you were submitting the Excel file to management for inclusion in a meeting. I recommend that you print your spreadsheet to proof read. The following are some questions to consider while you are proof-reading your spreadsheets:

It is acceptable to use colors in your spreadsheet, but colors are not required. If you use colors, think of whether it would enhance managementâ€s review and use of the key information.
Do you have any misspelled words?
Do you have any formula cells indicating an error, such as “#DIV/0!”?
Do your sum columns and rows add up, down and across?
Are the row heights and column widths consistent, and can you see all the information in every cell that should be seen by the review?
Is the information in the cells consistently “justified”- “top/bottom” and “left/right.”
Note that the cents in “earnings per share” information should be rounded to two decimals, such as 1.23.
Proof read, proof read, proof read!

I have uploaded the Excel spreadsheet that is needed for this assignment. I went ahead and added the labels IS Horizontal and IS Vertical but the information still need to be filled in for both. The Ratio tab information need to be added along with the correct information. I am also uploading powerpoint slides for assistance and I am uploading two examples for how the vertical and horizontal information is suppose to look when completed. You can google on how the ratio information is suppose to look like when placing it on excel.

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