Independent travel journal – about a forest/trees in Japan

Please check out the articles below for some ideas/inspiration of how to approach this assignment. These are the kinds of articles that we want to write – that tell a story, that explain something/place/one in a unique way. Not just a generic article full of information that could be found anywhere online. So PLEASE read through some of these and try to incorporate the spririt/approach into your own article. From Boat, independent travel journal – about a forest/trees in Japan. But tells a story of sustainability, tradition, nostalgia, change Also from Boat, an article about a minority community, the Romas, in Sarajevo From Cereal magazine about a stay at a guesthouse Also from Cereal about the Victoria State Library From Nowhere about pink flamingos but so much more This las magazine has longer entries, check them out, you’ll see how a longer article could be developed

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