Individual Response to Patient Case

Review the case below. Review the long term care facilitie in the powerpoint and say why that Amistad nursing and regahitation center would be best for Ebonyâ€s needs .
. Address both questions 1 and 2 Each qeation must be 1 preograph loung. you can use the powerpoint or the wepst of the facilitie ( Amistad nursing and regahitation center)

Patient Case:
Ebony is a 35 year old African American female with history of Type 1 diabetes. Fifty percent of her left foot has been amputated due to complications from diabetes and she has been on dialysis for 3 years. She is currently hospitalized for a continuous fever she has had for a week and uncontrolled glucose levels. The doctors also noted an ulcer on her right foot. The doctors are prescribing extended antibiotics for one month. She is currently on family medical leave from her job of 14 years as an office manager. She is insured through private insurance from her employer. The patient currently lives alone in a local apartment complex and gets support (i.e. emotional, transportation, etc.) from her siblings who also live in the city. The medical team is concerned about her ability to thrive living independently. The team is recommending that she consider long term care options.

Which LTC provider would best address Ebonyâ€s needs at this point in her life? How will this LTCâ€s services address LTCâ€s needs?

What are the challenges that must be considered in placing Ebony in your selected LTC? How can she and her family deal with those challenges?

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