Submit a research paper that analyzes an organization and the various aspects of organizational psychology. Select a publicly traded organization (Walmart) to be the foundation for the research paper. Explore and analyze the role organizational psychology plays in the chosen organization. APA formatting style, including :

1. Field of Industrial/ Organizational psychology: What is Industrial/Organizational psychology.

2. Job analysis and evaluation methods: What type(s) of job analysis and evaluation methods are employed within the chosen organization?

3. Employee Selection: Recruiting and interviewing: What methods and practices do the organization employ in recruiting potential employees? What interviewing techniques does the organization use in selection of new hires?

4: Performance management and employee evaluation: How does the organization conduct employee evaluations and manage performance?

5. Employee training and development: What kinds of employee training and or development opportunities does the organization offer?

6. Employee motivation and satisfaction: what methods and practices does the organization employ to increase employee motivation and job satisfaction? Use at least 3 credible sources and cite them in APA format. Include a mix of both primary and secondary sources, with at least one source from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal.

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