InstructionsThe Research Paper is the focal point for the

Instructions:The Research Paper is the focal point for the class. It will demonstrate your ability to think critically and properly analyze a major scandal in Law Enforcement. You will need to do research outside of your required readings. Some good examples would be the Rodney King incident, the Rampart Scandal or Boston Police cocaine trafficking. You need to define the incident, the major players, and most importantly how the scandal affected law enforcements relationship with the community.This is a college level, 10 page, research paper. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and in APA format using Arial 12-point font with 1 inch margins. Remember, this is a research paper so a majority of it will be cited. You should have at least five references for this paper. This paper will be graded not only on content, but also grammar, spelling and structure with strict adherence to the APA format. You will also be required to provide a title page and bibliography of the work cited in the paper. The research paper is worth 150 points.Save your paper as a .doc with your name and the assignment name in the file, using Last Name_Assignment. So, if your name was Alicia Jackson, and this is Essay 1, you would title it Jackson_Essay 1. Upload your research paper here.

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