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Discussion: Internal Analysis

You should also be aware that it is in a competitive market place, just like many companies. It has to compete for students, faculty, and staff. It also has to compete with other universities in the state for resources, and compete with universities nationwide for research funding and grants.

In order to do so effectively, it must effectively utilize its resources.

  1. In order to build a sustainable competitive advantage, it should have, and build upon, resources that are valuable, rare, costly to imitate, and non-substitutable. Section 3-3a of the book outlines this approach. What capabilities does UND have that best match these criteria?
  2. The value chain, as described in section 3-3b, describes a process for transforming resources that may be easily applied to a manufacturing firm, but not so easily to a bank or a university. However, by applying this model to UND, what conclusions do you reach?
  3. Outsourcing is becoming more common for many organizations, and in fact UND has already outsourced some activities that it used to do itself (e.g., a printing press, a steam plant, operating an arena). Using the logic and rationale described in section 3-4, what else do you think it would make sense for UND to outsource?

Start your original post with either the number 1, 2, or 3 and a 3-10 word description of your thinking, which correspond to a question from those above. Please, just focus on one question in your original thread. The syllabus provides further details on what is expected in discussions, and the grading criteria.