Internal Research Proposal for Office Equipment – Instructions

 Assume that your office needs equipment such as a copy machine, a scanner, tablet computers, smartphones, or an all-in-one printer. Do the research necessary to write a convincing internal proposal to your boss. Since you feel that your boss will be receptive to your request, you can use the direct approach. However, do not leave put important research elements by assuming that whatever you write will be accepted. Please remember that this assignment represents the writing culmination for this online course and it has the greatest points value! So, do not under estimate its scope by a three-sentence description of the assignment in the textbook. The assignment requires you to use all of your business communication skills that you have been practicing this semester as well as your ability to plan, organize, research, format, compose and evaluate an effective business report. As your vice president , research and recommend a piece of equipment for our office. The selection of the piece of equipment is up to you depending on your interest; however, make it sound like I required the piece of equipment in your direct tone response to my assignment. Since it is an internal proposal, make sure that you select the appropriate format (see pages 461-465). Also, make sure to properly research your recommendation by comparing, evaluating and providing research sources (cited appropriately) for your recommendation. Show your sources as you make an informed recommendation to me on the piece of equipment for our office. Please not that this business report should be three-to-five, single-spaced page in length, not including the bibliography or reference page. Again, this is very important because the three sentence explanation of the assignment in the textbook may give the impression that the report can be much shorter. Here is the way you can achieve the three-to-five page required page length for this report. While you are to recommend a piece of office equipment,  compare three different brands of similar office equipment! For example, if you were recommending a new office printer you need to compare at least three different brands (say Canon, Hewlett Packard (HP) and Brother) with similar features and with similar factors such as cost, connectivity, color vs. black and white, etc. Whatever office equipment you select make sure to compare all three similar products with similar features and evaluation factors. The type of office equipment is open to your creative business interests; however, the assignment does have the limitations of not less that three pages and not longer that five pagers. This is the challenge! Also, make sure to include a short one page bibliography or reference page (not to be included in the report required page length) that is properly formatted and indicates the sources of your research. Remember to submit the assignment as an MSWord file (see instructions above for Submitting Assignments). (The book you can find online. The website is–that+allow+us+to+coast+on+air,+and+loop-the-loop,+suspending+the+laws+of+gravity–well,+they+are+the+colons+and+semicolons.%22&source=bl&ots=UZhd_Y9tRs&sig=ACfU3U08cDGd8p_Orgz_P8rLjvmoEOcdQA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwidk-qNsYHiAhXTFzQIHT8NAasQ6AEwCHoECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=quote%20by%20Lynne%20Truss%3A%20%22But%20the%20thermals%20that%20benignly%20waft%20our%20sentences%20to%20new%20altitudes–that%20allow%20us%20to%20coast%20on%20air%2C%20and%20loop-the-loop%2C%20suspending%20the%20laws%20of%20gravity–well%2C%20they%20are%20the%20colons%20and%20semicolons.%22&f=false )

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