Instructions Pick one of the essay topics below. Make sure you discuss assignment expectations with your TA in tutorial. DO NOT simply answer the questions in the order that they appear in the topic. The order of presentation is something you need to think deeply about: you need to think about what it is that you want to say and the order that it would be best to say it in to show how well you understand the concepts, issues and arguments under consideration. Papers should be double spaced, with 12 point font (such as Times New Roman, Arial or Cambria) and one inch margins. Use paragraph format and provide a title page and a bibliography. Each page of your essay (except the title page) must be numbered.


Did capitalism emerge in the city or the countryside? What ‘social property relations’ were necessary for the development of capitalism? Why did they develop in agrarian communities?

How do these differ from pre-capitalist relations according to Wood? How did relations between ‘appropriators’ and ‘producers’ become so market dependent?

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