Invictus Games

Written assignment of 4000/5000 words about the Invictus Games which will be assessed by a review panel consisting of the module leader, the student’s Director of Studies, the Programme Leader and at least one other member of the programme team. However, learning to present your ideas clearly and concisely is important – you will need to do this for your final doctoral submission, so this report offers the chance to practice Sample report structure : Introduction Literature review Methodology Results Discussion / Conclusion Abstract Topic : The Invictus Games – presentation – definition of veteran / Invalid / physical disability & mental illness (military point of view) / adaptive & physical activity / military community – following some NATO’s countries as Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands, France and Belgium. – Sport “categorisation” (Invictus Games) versus Sport “functional classification” (Paralympics Games) – concept of “rehabilitation by sport” and “exercise prescription as medicine” versus “performance sport” for disabled – development of “Parasport” inside the Military Community (CISM)

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