1. Is this a realistic depiction of autism? Why or why not? To what extent does the level of achievement of Temple Grandin represent the opportunities often achieved by individuals on the spectrum? 2. What elements of the symptoms of autism were accurately portrayed? Be explicit across the triad of symptoms –communication, social, and behavioral symptoms. 3. What were the most uniquely acted elements of autism? Did the actress accurately portray what one might see in an individual with autism. Be specific across the triad of symptoms. 4. How did the movie most effectively convey the struggles experienced by the individual with autism? By their family? 5. What did the movie suggest as the top factors related to Temple Grandin’s success? 6. What are the strengths of the movie? 7. What does it do to advance the public’s understanding of autism and of autism treatment? 8. Are there any liabilities, areas of concern in the message of this movie? Are there any points made that you think could lead viewers to misunderstand autism? 9. Do you think the viewer would walk away with any sense of effective treatment? Explain why or why not 10. Do you think the viewer would walk away with an understanding of the range of symptoms, challenges, strengths, and outcomes that we see in individuals with autism? Why or why not?


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