Performance Report Assignment Guidelines Overview: The performance report is a major writing assignment of the semester and is worth 20% of your overall grade. This assignment requires you attend one jazz performance given by a professional ensemble. After attending the show, you will write a paper that includes:


– A description of your experience at the concert venue – A detailed account of the tunes performed and your reactions to them – Attempts to situate what you’ve heard in the context of jazz styles we’ve studied (this should include comparisons to material we’ve studied). After the Concert: Make sure you retain a copy of your ticket and the program to the show. You must include a scanned image of the ticket or similar proof (such as a receipt) to receive credit for this assignment. This can be easily done by taking a picture with your phone and imbedding the picture to the word document. A perfect paper will: – Include all three core assignment elements – Explains the performance experience with meticulous detail – Be at least 5 pages long (double spaced)


Detailed Account of Pieces


There are no programs at Jazz shows and sometimes performers do not announce what they are about to play. In any case, try and note at least two specific pieces and describe them in as much detail as possible. You can maintain the creative writing style in this section, but make sure you include important details like the name of the tune, the order of the soloists, and any pertinent stylistic notes (Are the instruments talking to each? Is there call-and-response? Does it seem like it follows a particular form? Are they reading from music? Etc.) If you don’t know the name of a piece, give it a name and explain Analysis At this point in the semester, we have studied many styles of jazz that you can compare this performance to. I’m definitely not asking you to definitively say what style your performers fall under, however, you should contextualize the music within a broader historical frame. Name at least two musicians you’ve studied that the music reminds you of and give specific musical detail that explains your feeling. This can be creative too.

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