Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels

 After reading Matthew, Mark, or Luke, you will encounter many of the stories in the list below. Each one of you should choose a different Bible story from the list about the life of Christ Jesus (the Old Testament Messiah who finally was born millennia after He was first promised). Use the study Bible tools to find the account in the other gospels in the Bible (e.g., if you read Luke, it may also be in Matthew and/or Mark and/or John). Read it and compare it in all of the texts. In the first paragraph, post the Biblical references you used and your summary of the event based on your reading. Jesus Cleansing the Temple Jesus Feeding the Multitudes Jesus Walking on Water Jesus Curing the Lame Jesus Healing Lepers Jesus Raising the Dead (not Himself) The Resurrection and his Appearances The Baptism and Temptation of Jesus The Transfigurationof Jesus Jesus and the Last Supper The Sermon on the Mount or the Plain Birth and Childhood of Jesus The Parables of Jesus Jesus and His Enemies In the second paragraph, identify any details in the account that were new to you from a careful reading of the text. Also share some of your insights about the life of Jesus and His activities, and any applications that this story might have to life today. List any additional questions you have about the account. In the third paragraph, describe a character impression of Jesus, an overview summary of who Jesus was and what He did as He lived in the first-century culture. Textbook: NIV Zondervan Study BIble

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