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Kerberos and Diffie Hellman Short Paper

Prepare to do a deepish dive into subject areas for preparation of the CISSP.

Short papers: Explain, contrast or compare the subject – 3-5 pages –

This paper should describe, as well as compare and contrast, Diffie Hellman and Kerberos. You should include data flow diagrams that outline the transaction of both kerberos and Diffie Hellman – one diagram each please using Microsoft Visio. I have put a study diagram (mine is not a good example of a data flow diagram – it was just my notes for the CISSP) to give you an idea of the level of detail I am expecting on the diagrams. These diagrams are NOT part of the page total required for this assignment.

In these papers I want to hear your thoughts, but keep in mind I expect a thorough treatise and I want to see good writing – this means proper punctuation, grammar and the like. Also remember to pick a citation method and learn it – cite anything that is not yours, this includes summary information and not just direct quotes – As Cyber professionals you will all have to write a LOT for your bosses- if you are not a great writer – GO to the writing center and have someone check your work- Ask a peer to read through your paper and critique it – BE PROACTIVE and you will be successful!!

single spacing, normal margins, use 12 pt font – reference what isn’t yours please

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