According to the following important points: Rationale Your rationale should make clear reasons why you are personally interested in this topic. Do you identify clearly why this topic is necessary/relevant/desirable/appropriate? It should also explain how the topic will inform practice and research and will carry significance and interest for you and your fellow professionals. The Focus You should provide a clear statement of exactly what you are attempting to investigate. This may well be phrased as a question. There will undoubtedly be a range of issues to be addressed within your focus. You should write these as a series of sub-questions. The research question should have key words which will then help you to formulate your sub-questions, which should relate to your main research question and the rationale. You should check if your questions are suitable and appropriate, researchable and/or achievable. You should describe the approach you are planning to use. You should justify why your approach is most suited to the task in hand – to gather the data for your research. You should explain why it is particularly appropriate. For example, survey and case study, qualitative and quantitative data. Having decided the approach, which methods will you use to gather the data? Questionnaires; interviews; discussions; diary; etc. You need to think ahead and identify any questions which may arise from your research findings. Will these questions add to your study and how will you deal with these in your report?

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