let x be a random variable that represents the pH of arterial plasma (i.e., acidity of the blood). For healthy adults, the mean of the x distribution is mean = 7.4 A new drug for arthritis has been developed. however it is thought that this drug may change blood pH. A random sample of 36 patients with arthritis took the drug for 3 months. Blood test showed that x bar = 8.5 with sample standard deviation s=2.9. Use a 5% level of signifiance to test the claim that the drug has changed (either way) the mean pH level of the blood.

state the null and alternate hypothesis

what sampling distribution will you use?( Explain the rationale for your choice of sampling distribution).

what is the value of the sample test statistic? ( 3 decimals)

Estimate the P-value.

will you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? Are the data significant at level a?

interpret your conclusion in the context of the application