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Research the assigned topic which is ( Listening, discuss the importance and art of listening for managers and
employees and how to improve one’s listening skills). and create an annotated reference list. Each reference
should appear in APA or MLA format followed by a brief summary of the article you read (no longer than one
Let’s Help with this paper ( , double spaced). You may also include charts and graphs with data if these visual aids help you describe
issues related to the topic.
References must adhere to the following requirements:
-TWO academic references from a refereed academic journal which reports the results of a research study or a
review article summarizing research on the topic.
-One additional source from a newspaper, popular press magazine, journal, or book (e.g., WSJ, NY Times,
Business week, HR Magazine, HBR, etc).
-One additional source (e.g., an additional academic or popular press source or an online source such as

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