You will be required to act as a business consultant and prepare a report analysing a modern day supply chain scenario (words limit 3000) You are required to conduct a thorough analysis of the end to end supply chain of the iPhone X, bought in the UK from your choice of seller and produce a report detailing the key activities and processes from key raw materials*, culminating in the final purchase and disposal of packing by the end-user. * Key raw materials are the major assembly parts of the product Assessment Strategy Your report should consider the Supply Chain from the following perspectives and in detail:

• The Supply Chain and the physical and information flows between products, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and end-customers in the chain. • The role that different modes of transport play in the chain. • Key warehousing or storage points throughout the chain and their purpose and activity • The role that technology has within the supply chain. Where are the key improvement areas? • Key areas of risk in the Supply Chain and options to minimise • The impact the supply chain has on the environment and suggested improvements. • How Logistics and Supply Chain Management can add value to the product Journals: International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management Journal of Business Logist Journal of Supply Chain Management 

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