The New Factory.pdf Click for more options case here. The text must be posted directly into the submission box, not as an attachment and not in the comments box.

Question: After reading the case, evaluate the role that senior management played as events in this case unfolded. Did the decisions made ameliorate or aggravate the situation? Based upon what you now know and what you have learned in this course, how might the disastrous situation in the new factory have been avoided? Remember that according to the Grading Rubric you must provide case facts to support your responses. You are also expected to engage the most relevant course concepts and theories to reinforce your arguments. The latter is essential for demonstrating your mastery of the theories you learned in the course. It also will distinguish your analysis from one conducted by a pragmatist who has not been exposed to any of the course theories. Of course, the narrative of your analysis must be logically well connected, and be written in good English essay format.

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