Please choose an existing product or service. Once an existing product or service is identified, define the Simple Model of the Marketing Process. Then apply the Four Ps to the product or service. Reflect on learning. The marketing application paper helps synthesize and clarify ideas and thoughts about important issues related to business and marketing. – Project/Paper will be 5-7 pages in length (no more) including the title and reference page(s). Adhere to APA formatting (including title page, headings, citations, references, etc). Use at least five (5) academic/professional resources (no Wiki, ehow, yahoo answers etc.).

Paper must have 1 inch margins all around, be typed, double-spaced, and include page numbers. Pages are to be numbered sequentially in the upper right hand corner with a header. Times New Roman font, 12 pt. – Paper will contain the following parts: (hint: this is project/paper outline with headings) Title Page Follows APA Format  Header  Running head  Title of paper  Student’s name  Course name and number  Date submitted Title Page Introduction (Level I Heading)  Provide a reason why the existing product or service is important (the need/want) – Purpose/Thesis Statement – The purpose of this paper is to…. Discussion (Level I Heading)  Define the Simple Model of the Marketing Process (Level II Heading) – Explain the supply/design customer driven marketing strategy (who is served; how is product and company different from others) – Explain how profitable relationships are built and how customer delight is created (how is value created; how are customers satisfied) – Explain how to capture value from customers to create profits and customer equity (customer lifetime value, share of customer, customer equity) Application (Level I Heading)  Identify and explain the Four Ps (Level II Heading) – Product (Level III Heading)

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