Marketing plan analysis


You don’t need to re-write the marketing plan or the sections that are missing. But you need to identify what is missing why it should be there and how to find the data that would help the owner make their marketing plan better. Remember, this is a marketing audit – this means that you are deconstructing (reviewing or critiquing) the components of the marketing plan to check the assumptions, research, and strategies used. NOTE: You are NOT expected to rewrite the marketing plan, OR recalculate the tables (including financial information), OR come up with right formulae to calculate budget/integrated marketing mix/control and contingency plan. You are ONLY expected to analyse the information or data (in this case information in each section of the marketing plan), interpret the information/data in front of you in each section of the marketing plan (what is the data telling you – good strategy or bad strategy) and report to the management with your feedback (good feedback and bad feedback). for referencing,You should cite the source within the text and then put the full reference in a separate section at the end. 

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