MATH 1342: Elementary Statistical Methods Assessment In this project you will be asked to find confidence interval and perform a hypothesis test for…






a)    What is the appropriate test for this case?                                                            (10 points)     

The appropriate test for the case is a Ztest.

b)    What is the null hypothesis?                                                                                 (5 points)

The null Hypothesis is

c)    What is the alternative hypothesis?                                                                       (5 points)

d)    Determine if this test is left-tailed, right-tailed, or two-tailed.                             (5 points)

e)    What is the significance level?                                                                              (5 points)

f)     What is the test statistics?                                                                                     (10 points)

g)    What is the p-value?                                                                                             (10 points)

h)    Do we reject the null hypothesis?                                                                         (10 points)

i)     What is the conclusion?                                                                                       (15 points)

j)     What is 95% confidence interval for the population mean?                                 (10 points)

k)    Interpret the confidence interval.                                                                          (15 points)

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