Click to download the Week 2 Lab Document to complete the lab for this week. All of the directions are included in the document.

For use with the lab and throughout the course, click to download Excel: A How-To Handout.

After some introductory comments, the first question begins under the title Creating Graphs and is a pie chart.

The data for this lab is located in Doc Sharing. If you are not able to locate the data file, please contact your professor.

On the last page is a section is titled Code Sheet. It is only there to explain what the variables in the data set represent. In other words, the code sheet just lists the variable name and the question used by the researchers on the survey instrument that produced the data that are included in the Excel data file. Those are not questions for you to answer, just information.

The document includes places where you need to input the answers. Any place where you see a gray box is where you need to put an answer.

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