MC6022 – Law of Patients’ Rights

MC6022 – Law of Patients’ Rights

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge of the Legal System: Examine the structure, history, and values underlying the legal system.
  • Research, Analysis, and Workplace Communication: Locate, analyze, and apply relevant legal authorities to real-world situations, and present research findings in a clear and professional manner.
  • Communication with Legal Counsel: Define the broad outlines of legal issues encountered in the workplace, and communicate with legal counsel, as needed, using appropriate legal reasoning and vocabulary.
  • Risk Management (Concentration): Assess ways to reduce and manage legal risks in the workplace.
  • Compliance Programming (Concentration): Plan, implement, and evaluate effectiveness of compliance programs.
  • Application of Regulatory Standards (Concentration): Identify and apply the relevant legal authorities that regulate their professional field.
MC6022 – Law of Patients’ Rights

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