Using the areas of visual elements, shot design and lighting, color theory, time, continuity, depth, motion, sound review, look for examples of all of the components below presented in class. Give one example of each component in detail that you found in the episode. A component is presented below and are numbered. Examples of the component are included as subheadings. You should choose one from the various subheadings below that is represented in your episode and …

• You should provide a detailed description of what took place in the episode. • Why it fits the example from the components below. • Why did the director use the component in the episode. • Why or why not was it effective. Description example for each of the following: 1. Elements of Media Programs Shot Scene Sequence Act Program 2. Shots: Distance Close-Up (CU) Medium Shot (MS) Long Shot (LS) 3. Shot Framing Headroom Leadroom 4. Shots: Function Establishing Shot Cutaway Shot Reaction Shot Over-the-Shoulder Shot 5. Shots: Height Bird’s Eye Angle Neutral Angle High Angle Low Angle Canted Angle 6. Shots: Movement Horizontal Movements Vertical Movements Depth Movements 7. Visual Transitions Cut Dissolve Wipe Fade Digital Transitions Split Edit Matched Dissolve LIGHTING 8. Basic Production Lighting Configuration Key Fill Back Background 9. Orientation Functions of Lighting Spatial Orientation Tactile Orientation 10. Key Lighting Designs Low-Key Lighting High-Key Lighting 11. Storyline Uses of Lighting Predictive Lighting Light as a Dramatic Agent 12. Major Production Lighting Styles Chiaroscuro Cameo Rembrandt Silhouette Flat 13. Shots: Compositing Images Superimposition (Super) Key Split Screen 14. CONTINUITY: Types of Editing Continuity Editing Dynamic Montage 15. Visual Continuity Guidelines Directional Continuity Action Continuity Subject Continuity

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