Memo II. “Exchange Rate Forecast”.

Memos: Students will prepare memos throughout the course of the semester. Here are resources for writing business memos (there are two memos, each one write 2-3 pages): Students are expected to utilize “critical thinking skills” for developing the content addressed in the memo:

Memo II. “Exchange Rate Forecast”. Students will select a currency and forecast the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and that currency for one year from today. Provide an exact forecast; i.e., foreign currency/USD and not an estimate. Indicate why you predict that the currency will appreciate or depreciate (move) in value against the dollar based on evidence (inflation, interest rates, political risks, economic changes, etc.). Here are some examples: Memo III. “Political and Economic impact on Doing Business in a Country”. Students (individually) will select a country and report how the political and economic structure of the country impacts doing business in (DBI) that particular country.

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