Task 1: You are required to design a comprehensive questionnaire (approx. 20-25 questions) to collect first-hand information from the leader of a company of your choices. (10 marks).


Task 2: You are required to conduct a detailed interview (face-to-face, or electronic medium) with the leader of a company of your choice to explore his/her leadership style and its impact on the organizational culture.



1) Develop a list of 20-25 questions.  

2) Identify a leader and ask him/her if you can interview them. Present them the list of questions ahead of the time. Make sure you have their permission for an interview. Keep a copy of confirming emails and attach in the appendix. (5 marks)


Task 3: Provide introduction of the chosen company, the leader you are interviewing. (5 marks)


Task 4: Examine and analyze the leadership style from the interview conducted (25 marks)


Task 5: Examine and analyze the type of organizational culture existing in the company (25 marks).


Task 6 – Based on the data analysed for leadership style and organizational culture, examine the affect of leadership style on organizational culture.  (20 marks)


Task 7: Make necessary Recommendations to improve the organizational culture. Apply the concepts of effective communication, diversity management, and ethics. (10 marks)





Academic Honesty

As part of this project, you will be required to gather information from various sources. Hence your documentation will require the following sections:



Where you have used web content, images, templates in doing this project, then you must acknowledge the source following a standard method of referencing that you have learnt. Use APA style referencing.



Where you have interviewed key people in the organization to obtain information, they must be acknowledged. Include name of person, organization and contact details.



Include all supporting documents such as notes from interviews, records of correspondence


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