Download and listen to the podcast titled: “Procedural Fairness, It’s a Good Deal: Interview with Joel Brockner” from the Under New Management podcast. In this podcast, Joel Brockner discusses a number of concepts such as: procedural fairness, procedural fairness criteria (e.g., consistency), outcome fairness, and the effects of fairness perceptions on employees. Address the following as you prepare your 4-6 page paper (Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, .doc/.docx or .rtf format, include only your name at the top of the assignment): Describe a time when you were influenced by a decision that was made during a work-related experience, or in another situation of you have never been employed. This could be anything from your boss telling you that you had to work on Saturday when you initially didn’t have to, to being fired, and anything in between. Based on your understanding of the procedural fairness criteria discussed in class and the podcast, would you say that the decision, and the process used to make the decision, was fair or unfair, and why? How did the decision affect you and others influenced by the decision (e.g., coworkers), in terms of your perceptions and attitudes about your work, and performance? What could and should have been done differently to enhance perceptions of procedural and outcome fairness? Finally, reflect more generally on the podcast and the class. What lesson(s) will you take from this podcast and the class that will inform the way you work as a manager?

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