MGT 320 Guidelines for the News/Research article report

This is an opportunity to link finance concepts you have been learning to current events through a graded news article, or research article report. You can write a report any recent article (published within the last 12 months) in The Wall Street Journal (articles available through the library’s website or CNN Money (available at The paper must connect the article to concepts learned in class. Your report should include all the followings: i) Identify clearly the specific concepts or topic to which the article relates. ii) Explain how the theoretical concept(s) learned in class are applied in this real-world situation. iii) Agree or disagree with the analysis by the author and support your views using critical thinking and what you learnt in class and from other readings. iv) Discuss the challenges and limitations of the applicability of the theoretical concepts in the real world. v) Discuss how what you learnt in the course improved your understanding of the real-world situation presented in the article. Notes: – Do NOT just summarize the article. Your ability to critically analyze the concepts is what is important. – APA style is recommended for citations. – Length: your entire paper must have between 1000 and 2000 words. Submission and deadline: The due date is. Use a word editor like Microsoft Word to write, format, and proofread your paper. Then, copy and paste the final version to Blackboard using the available link under Assignments. Submit well before the deadline to avoid last minute technical issues.

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