“Mindful organizing.”

Weick and Sutcliffe write about “mindful organizing.” Mindful, in fact, all organizations can be exposed to the unexpected – most organizations expect “normal” operations; however, “things that never happened, happen all the time” (Lee Clark). “To expect something is to be mentally prepared for it.” (Weick and Sutcliff p30). Weick and others argue that complex systems deliver unexpected situations as a natural byproduct of complexity. For this assignment, I would like you to think about the concept of sensemaking as introduced by W&S – 1. How is mindfulness related to sensemaking? First use your UAB online library to research and define these two terms)? You must cite peer reviewed articles to pass this part of the assignment. (https://library.uab.edu/) 2. When the system delivers the unexpected, how does your organization make sense of information (be specific)? 3. What might you initiate or improve upon to enhance your organization’s sensemaking? Please use the company “Tetra Tech” 

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