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Economic Development and Education: The Role of the K-12 Education System in Promoting Economic Development and Growth.

Please note a case study referencing the Southwest Alabama Workforce Development Council (SAWDC); it is one of ten workforce development councils in the state established in the mid-2000s. The councils promote industry cluster framework by connecting training providers such as community colleges with employer needs. Not only do these councils provide training and recruit potential employers but also connect with the K-12 school systems to make students aware of the skill gaps between employment needs in various areas of the state.

Indicate the best policy approach in 2020, moving forward within the K-12 educational system and providing adequate skills and training for students. At what stage is too early to present career options? Training? Do the prevalence and increase of private school, home-school, and virtual learning impact the qualities of the future labor force? To what extent and validate your answers. (Make sure to note your sources in your answer.