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Concept of Mission Statement & Vision Statement Every company should have a Mission and or a Vision Statement. But they are very difficult to write – they should short, clear, vivid, inspiring and concise without using jargon, complicated words or concepts. A Mission Statement is generally included in documents such as Business Plans and Staff Handbooks and can be described as a cross between a company or corporate slogan and an executive summary. A highly successful Mission Statement is both memorable and engaging.

No wonder a Mission Statement is hard to write and there is so much confusion between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement. Vision Statements and Mission Statements are the inspiring words chosen by successful leaders to clearly and concisely convey the direction of the organization. By a clear mission statement and vision statement, entrepreneurs can powerfully communicate their intentions and motivate their team or organization to realize an attractive and inspiring common vision of the future. A Mission Statement defines the organization’s purpose and primary objectives.

Its prime function is internal – to define the key measures of the organization’s success – and its prime audience is the leadership team and stockholders. Vision statement is a short, succinct, and inspiring statement of what the organization intends to become and to achieve at some point in the future. Vision refers to the category of intentions that are broad, all-inclusive and forward-thinking. It describes aspirations for the future, without specifying the means that will be used to achieve those desired ends.

Warren Bennis, a noted writer on leadership, says: “To choose a direction, an executive must have developed a mental image of the possible and desirable future state of the organization. This image, which we call a vision, may be as vague as a dream or as precise as a goal or a mission statement. ” Mission Statement & Vision Statement of different organization Dhaka Phone Dhaka Telephone Company Ltd. is the pioneer in private sector PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) operator in Bangladesh.

The company aims at providing Telecommunication services to the deserving vast population of rural areas at a reasonably low cost and thereby increases the tele-density throughout the country, so as to make the rural economy lively one. Mission: • Widen the telecommunication services of all sorts through adoption of the most modern and latest technology • Cover the whole country especially a rural areas initially through Wireless Local Loops (WLL) with limited mobility and ultimately to cover all range of telecommunication media • Help increasing the tele-density of the country Build up sustained relationship on the basis of customers’ trust and confidence • Developed corporate setup with illustrative skill and excellence to be the employer of choice Vision: Connect the planet with every remote corner of Bangladesh through modern telecommunication system at a reasonable price. KHULNA SHIPYARD LIMITED (KSY) Vision: To be the leader in Bangladesh in the field of new building and repair of ships, marine services as well as manufacturing of engineering items, providing innovative solutions for the demands in fulfilling the changing needs and aspirations of our customers. Mission:

To establish KSY as one of the quality shipyards and to achieve superiority in the field of shipbuilding, repair and manufacturing of engineering items. JAMUNA GROUP Vision: We view business as a means to the material and social well being of the investors, employees at large leading to accretion of wealth through financial and moral gains as a part of the process of development of civilization. Mission: Our mission is to produce and provide quality services and un innovative products for people, maintain ethical slandered in business operation, also ensuring benefit to the stakeholders and peoples of Bangladesh.

Bashundhara Group Mission Statement: Bashundhara Group (BG) is a leading private-sector industrial conglomerate in Bangladesh. It currently has 14 on-going concerns, ranging from real estate development and management to manufacturing and services. The BG strives to work in partnership with the Government for promoting sustainable development, environment preservation, employment-generation and poverty reduction. The BG has a particular focus on urban housing, recreation centres, and commercial ventures. Thus, the motto of the Group is “For the People, for the Country”.

At the crux of all industrial processes deployed at the Group’s enterprises stands the need to ensure environmental stability. As a result, conscious efforts are made to use re-cycled material as industrial input. Daffodil Computers Vision: To reach the highest level of ICT sector and contribute in the micro and macro economy of the country and ensure genuine education to the nation. Achieving the target of the services and ultimate is to expand from national proximity and to approach in the international market. Enriching the human resource and converting to fit for competitiveness in the international market.

Mission: Our mission is to deliver ICT services and achieve leadership in ICT markets through the constant pursuit, in association with our clients and partners, of superior levels of service, efficiency and quality. The pursuit of our mission will in turn lead us towards our vision of being the highest quality and most profitable owner and operator of the world’s top ICT businesses, based on strategic focus in five key areas. Critical views of Mission Statement and Visions Statement: Dhaka Phone Vision of this company is very good but to fulfill their vision it may take many years.

To fulfill it the company should work hard and start their promotional activities in full swing. Otherwise this statement will only be an over desirous one. Jamuna Group Mission of this company is very specific and has been written clearly and concisely. But the vision seems a little opaque. Daffodil Computers Daffodil Computers’ vision statement seems like an aggregate of some future expectations. Bashundhara Group In its mission statement a short description about the group has been included that seems a bit unnecessary. KHULNA SHIPYARD LIMITED (KSY)

Mission and vision statement of this organization have been written tactfully and they are praise worthy. Can there be a mission for a department of an organization? Every organization should have a mission statement, which describes the current activities to achieve the overall organizational goals and to reach to their vision. An organization is nothing but an aggregate of some departments. For example HR department, Production dept. , Sales and Marketing dept. , Accounting dept. , Finance dept. , Administration and Commercial dept. etc.

Overall mission of an organization depends on all of it’s department. To fulfill the organizational goals all dept. should have some sort of specific mission. For example production department’s mission may be produce quality goods by using limited raw materials effectively and efficiently; to meet up market demand production dept. can take initiative to increase it up to a certain level; it may pay its attention to reduce the wastage etc. 30% increase in sales than last year and create new customers as well as new market may be the mission of sales department.

And that of Human Resources department may be hire some prospective employee with reasonable compensation package; arrange some training for the development of the employee; and update job description for some job every year etc. Management should prepare mission statement by discussing with other team member of his or her team. Participation of every member in preparing mission helps to achieve their mission successfully. So from the discussion above it is very clear that like the whole organization, each and every department should have their own mission.

So it can be said, mission is what organization do best every day, and vision is what the future looks like. In another word vision describes future expectation where as mission is shorter version of vision as well as current activities. The best missions and visions work as magic wand; they’re catalysts. Without mission and vision, businesses are like the boats without rudders. There are some techniques to build an effective mission and vision statement. Mission and Vision statement is very important for the organization to run the business smoothly.

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