Mobile Defense

Situation: You are the staff of an ABCT in the 33rd Division. Your unit is the first coalition force to cross the international border between Gorgas and Atropia, into the northwestern portion of Atropia. There are no friendly units to your north or south. Your mission was to open and secure the lines of communication for follow on forces. Your brigade has received a WARNO to prepare to defend. You have been told that the 1st Guard Division of the Ahurastani 5th Corps has moved to approximately 100 km to your southeast. Your higher headquarters believes that this division will begin offensive operations through your area of responsibility with an end state of transitioning to a defense along the Gorgas – Atropia border. The G-2 also believes that the commander of the 1st Guard Division will use proven tactics and lead with his armor and support with his infantry. Answer All the questions as it pertains to your assigned topic: Mobile Defense Practical Exercise Guiding Questions. Use the following questions to help shape the development of your CONOPs. What is your CDRs tactical problem? What are the staff actions and problems? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your group’s type of defensive operation? What are your considerations for security operations? What are the potential decisions the commander needs to make? What information (PIR/FFIR) do you think the commander needs to make those decisions? What are some of your considerations for transitioning to either offense and/or stability operations? How do the warfighting functions fit into this problem?

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