Description This assignment will allow you to evaluate your competency in conducting, assessing, and applying a counseling theory and specific communication techniques in a simulated therapy environment. Understanding the applications of client-centered therapy in the therapeutic environment helps you narrow the gap between concept and practice, and it also provides a foundation upon which you will build. Instructions For this assignment, find a friend, relative, or fellow learner who is willing to help you practice four basic counseling skills: Paraphrasing (restating and exploring thoughts). Reflecting (restating and exploring feelings). Empathic statements that show your understanding of their situation and/or their emotions. Summarizing the conversation to review what has been discussed. Submit a 4–6-page paper to your instructor in which you: • State in the introduction of the paper that you played the role of a therapist and that your helper played the role of a client. • Next, explain in your paper the problem that the person playing the role of the client made up to discuss in the role play. This disclosure statement must be included to demonstrate your understanding and ability to apply some elements of the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct and to earn any credit for this assignment. • Describe in general the mock therapy session you conducted and evaluate how well you employed the four basic micro-counseling skills required in the assignment. Discuss what seemed to work well in this session. Share any difficulties or challenges you noticed while conducting the session. • Finally, summarize in one paragraph the key point(s) that you will remember about this exercise.

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