Can you help me understand this English question?

As I mentioned in my lecture during the Module 1 synchronous class meeting, there are three major writing assignments for this course: a literature review (where you establish the conversation), a rhetorical analysis essay (where you assess the conversation), and an argument essay (in which you enter the conversation). Rather than assigning three separate topics for each of these major writing assignments, I would like you to focus on one topic, a topic of your choice. This way, you get the benefit of researching and learning (more) about the conversation surrounding something you are interested in.

Now, there are some conditions:

  • The topic you choose must be written about
  • The topic must be one that people hold multiple viewpoints about (e.g. police reform, vaccinations, immigration, BLM, etc.)
  • The topic must be connected to a current issue (something within the past 12 months)
  • The topic must not be too broad–or too narrow (makes research challenging)
  • The topic must be interesting to you
  • The topic must challenge you


1.) Choose the topic that you are interested in and post it with a 3-5 sentence explanation about why that topic interests you. If you have questions about your topic, you are welcome to pose them in your post or email them to me or ask me during our Zoom Cafe hour this week.