This project does not require an intimate knowledge of baseball or even econometrics, but you should be familiar with many aspects of the game. The project below will ANALYZE the most recent season and how it impacts player pay for this upcoming season. You will assume the role of General Manager trying to decide which players to select for the 2018 season using their performance in the 2017 season. Your analysis will be based on a simplified version of the methods described in the article “An Economic Evaluation of the Moneyball Hypothesis.” Your analysis will use statistics from the previous season to predict salaries/performance for the current regular season. Be very careful that you are using the correct seasons on the website below. Once the MLB season begins, the websites will update based on current performance. Ensure that the pages below show you the right season for analysis. Do not use data from Spring Training or Postseason. You’ll want to use the regular season statistics only. Six web sites will be of use in doing so. I have included the data years you will need to analyze. Be sure the data source is correctly visible: Free Agent Players & Salaries (for 2018) Player Performance Database (2017) Team Batting Statistics (2017) Team Attendance Statistics (2017) Team Standings (2017) Team Average Ticket Prices (2017) The following readings will help you understand the Moneyball process from the team’s perspective and the player’s motivation: Hakes, J. K., & Sauer, R. D. (2006). An economic evaluation of the Moneyball hypothesis. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 20(3), 173-185. Morris, B. (2017, July 24). Billion-Dollar Billy Beane. Retrieved from Moskowitz, T., & Wertheim, L. J. (2012). “Rounding First” Scorecasting: The hidden influences behind how sports are played and games are won. Three Rivers Press. Here is what to do: Read the Hakes & Sauer (2006) paper and focus on the process of valuing baseball players. You should also read the FiveThirtyEight article to understand why this process was so revolutionary. You will be asked to summarize both of these articles in your final write-up. Afterward, begin collecting data using Microsoft Excel. Collecting your data in a single Excel file with different tabs for the Teams Sheet and Players Sheet. If you do not read the articles, it will be obvious when you try writing your paper.

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