In small groups of two members, students enrolled in MOS2255: Entrepreneurship class should shadow an entrepreneur for at least eight hours then makes a short documentary (8 to 11 minutes). These documentaries will be shown in a public film festival at the end of the term. The entrepreneur documentary project intends to give form to an entrepreneur job shadow. While there are many benefits to this assignment, the primary benefit is self-efficacy. Selfefficacy is a person’s assessment of his or her ability to do something and achieve the desired directions. Research has found self-efficacy to be a foundation of motivation, well-being and accomplishment. Vicarious experiences are an effective way to increase self-efficacy.

By creating a documentary, the learning experience is shared with others. We hope you enjoy learning about the entrepreneurs all around London. You must also write an accompanying paper. This paper should contain: -a discussion of your own perspective on the dynamics of entrepreneuring. -a reflection on the link between reading material, class experience and your own perspective). -a brief discussion of how the film has contributed something new to the original classroom discussion, something that has come ‘as a surprise’. In short, the paper should serve as the written introduction for the film. It should contain no more than 8 pages DOUBLE SPACE. Evaluation The film and the paper are equally weighted as far as grading is concerned. The films are evaluated using the following criteria: -the quality of the camera work; -the originality of the material; -the extent to which the film meets basic course requirements (duration of the film, general topic) and -the extent to which the students actually capture the concept of entrepreneurship as a real-life phenomenon in a dynamic way.

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