Use your own opinion to show critical thinking about the film, and to create your own voice as a critic. Pay attention to how you organize your paper and build your argument—be careful not to just summarize the plot! You need to bring up relevant details only, with a description or a quotation–say more about less. The key is to analyze the film. Your paper should include the following (but not be simply organized in this order):

1. A brief summary of the the relevant parts of the film to your argument. The summary itself should be a small part of your paper. The emphasis needs to be on the significance of what you are talking about– whether it is the scenery, plot, actors, costumes, dialogue etc. Remember that what is missing can also be as significant as what is present. 2. Context for the film—place the film historically: When was it made? What was the climate politically, economically, and socially and how did this climate influence the way teenagers were represented? For example: how would the film be different if social media existed? (For example in Mean Girls or Breakfast Club?) You will need a small amount of research for this portion and site your sources (one reliable outside source is required.) 3. How are teenagers represented and why? Are teenagers being stereotyped? If so, how and why? Note: Make sure you write for readers who have not seen the film. Even if you have seen the movie before, you will need to re-watch it and take notes. Thesis that I want : “It is extremely challenging in some community’s to accept and express some feelings like homophobia. ” Note: Mostly paying attention to the teenage years of Chiron. But expressing Chiron’s taught of homophobia started during his childhood.

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